Make the Golden Week in Japan part of your travel plans

A dazzling trip for your wish list, Japan’s Golden Week is a collection of national holidays spread over two weekends.

This year is exceptional; the Emperor is scheduled to abdicate the throne on April 30, followed by the ascension to the throne of the new Emperor on May 1, which will be made a national holiday. As a result, April 30 and May 2 will also become national holidays (because according to Japanese law, a day between two holidays also becomes a holiday), creating a 10-day holiday from April 27 to May 6.

April 29 is the birthday of the former emperor, Showa. May 3 is Constitution Day. On this day in 1947, the new Japanese Constitution was ratified. May 4 is Greenery Day; it celebrates Japan’s abundant flora and natural beauty. May 5 is the Boy’s Festival. Families pray for the health and future success of their sons by hanging up carp streamers and displaying samurai dolls, both symbolizing strength, power and success in life. (The Girl’s Festival is celebrated on March 3).

Massive waves of people participate. Trains, airports and sightseeing spots are crowded during Golden Week, accommodations in tourist areas can be totally booked.

If you plan on traveling to Japan during this special holiday, special apps and a portable Wi-Fi device can make sure your trip is a golden week.

  • Navitime for Japan is popular navigation app option. It connects you to detailed information about Tokyo.
  • Google Maps for Japan is a must-have.
  • Hyperdia is an essential app developed for commuters and tourists in Japan. It is available in English, Japanese and Chinese. Hyperdia lets you choose your departure and arrival stations as
  • Japan Rail Pass holders should be aware that Nozomi and Mizuho trains are not part of the national JR Group and therefore are not covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

Why you need Sapphire Wi-Fi

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