The Best Places to Study Abroad

Studying a semester abroad can be an extremely rewarding experience. If you’re a student trying to decide where to set sail for a semester or two, you may be wondering what country will be the best match for your studies. Below we have compiled a list of the best places to study abroad if you’re looking for beautiful landscapes, friendly locals, and high educational standards.


Spaghetti lovers, rejoice! Italy makes for an excellent study abroad experience. This southern Mediterranean country is popular among foodies and history buffs. There are many majors who could benefit from studying abroad in Italy, from fashion to music to architecture to art history to hospitality and more. Italy is one of the more accessible countries for English-speaking students, though if you want to learn Italian, there is plenty of opportunity for immersion. Students can opt to spend time in one of the historic cities, or they can spend time in the gorgeous Italian countryside.


There are so many reasons to study abroad in Argentina. This country offers a great blend of experiences, between hiking Patagonia to tangoing in Buenos Aires. If you love delicious steak and red wine, you will have many memorable meals in Argentina. Whether you’re studying business, the arts, or agriculture, the esteemed educational institutions in this South American country offer incredible academic opportunities. Plus, it is undeniable that Spanish is an incredibly useful language to learn, regardless of what you intend to use your education for. Immerse yourself in this culture if you enjoy a nice mix of urban nightlife and gorgeous natural scenery.


We would be remiss to leave France off this list given how many students flock to this European country every year. Beyond the buzzing streets of Paris, France also offers the coastal beauty of the French Riviera and the quaint charm of Aix-en-Provence. The number of college and university programs can’t be beat, though those studying fashion, art, and cuisine will be particularly drawn to this location for their overseas experience. Not only that, Paris is one of the multicultural centers of the world, so you are sure to experience a diverse range of cultural opportunities.


Japan has quickly become one of the most popular study-abroad locations, and it isn’t hard to understand why. If you’re interested in finance, business, or technology, studying in Japan will offer an undeniable advantage, especially if you learn the language. Not only that, Japan offers a fascinating culture and history that can be taken in with art, music, and literature. Finally, the island offers beaches, mountains, large cities, and small villages. In short, there is something for everyone! For Western students, Japan can offer a cultural immersion unlike any other.

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