Sapphire hotspot product review by a tech video blogger – Dave Taylor

“If you are a world traveler, or you’re in the service, this is going to be your best friend!” With these words, YouTube Top Tech Authority, Dave Taylor, started his Sapphire Touch International Mobile Hotspot review. Obviously, Taylor was amazed by the device’s performance and durability.

This international hotspot device is a product that can make a traveler’s life easier, working in 130+ countries around the world. In addition to its universal usage, the virtual SIM technology (no physical SIM cards are required), makes your life easier. “This offers you a lot of capability. Specifically, it works with WCDMA, LTE FDD, LTE TDD, and GSM. This covers a significant percentage of the world.”

Coupled with the hotspot is the convenient Sapphire mobile app. With it, you can manage your account, purchases, and data. The Sapphire Touch keeps you updated to all the info you need to know about your data usage and plan. All this capability can be set from your smartphone and controlled from your Sapphire Touch screen. Taylor also mentions the device’s monstrous battery lasting over 14 hours. It doesn’t end here, as this battery can be used as a power bank to save your phone’s life on the go.

Overall, this revolutionary device is a life-changing experience for our military men and women or any traveler around the world. This one device delivers unlimited possibilities for its user; a true traveler’s best friend!

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