How Dual Military Couples Stay Connected During Deployment

As a military service member, you are dedicated to service, duty, and your country. It’s no surprised that you’re willing to sacrifice your life for others. You have a deeply rooted desire to protect the freedoms of those you love and the citizens of your country. What if your spouse is also a military service member? How do the two of you stay connected while deployed? The answer to this question is not as clear cut as most would think. However, in this article, Sapphire is going to share how you and your spouse can foster a deep connection, even while separated on different deployment duties. In fact, the Sapphire MiFi device is a great choice for voice and video calls.

How To Balance Dual Deployment And Your Relationship

As military service members, you and your spouse proudly serve your country. The separation from one another due to deployment can be difficult to manage. But there are ways to stay connected and continue to grow the relationship.

First, know what to expect while you’re both on deployment. Being able to schedule voice and/or video chats will be nearly impossible. You both have duties and responsibilities that may involve days or weeks of indirect communication. At the end of the day, it’s a choice that you and your spouse make to stay together.

Second, you must understand one another’s career paths. As one or both of you advance through the ranks, time to stay connected will change. Time available to connect may shrink or grow. It can be tough to keep a relationship alive when communication is sparse, but it’s a choice you and your spouse must make.

Third, always keep an open line of communication. Honesty and integrity are vital to military couples. Without clear, open communication, messages can get lost in translation or stories can begin to form that don’t fit the narrative you and your spouse agreed upon.

Finally, search for joint assignments that will bring you and your spouse closer while deployed. This can be in the same country, nearby bases, or even in the same base. If you can find joint assignments and acquire the positions, you may have a greater opportunity to spend time together.

More Ways To Stay Connected While Deployed

#1. Ask For Help From Family And Friends

If you have children, or you simply want to send your spouse a care package, employ family and friends back home to help out. Don’t worry, your spouse will appreciate the thought, because it’s the thought that counts. Also, if you have children, family and friends will be able to care for them while you and your spouse are deployed. This is a common situation for families with dual military service members.

#2. Stay Open To Career Decisions

As mentioned above, you and your spouse may or may not have different career goals. In fact, your goals may take you to a different branch of the military. This means that your joint assignments may not be an option, and you will be farther away from one another. This may sound worse emotionally, but you deserve to go after your goals. One way to stay connected in this situation is to buy the Sapphire MiFi device. It’s a hotspot puck that allows you to connect to the internet via local data plans in over 100 countries. Use it to send emails, make voice calls, or spend some time on video chat with your spouse, family, and friends.

#3. Be Ready To Switch Roles

Depending on assignments and duty requirements, you may have to switch roles from being pursued to pursuing. What this means is that maybe your spouse has more time to send you emails, messages, and care packages. At some point during your deployment, these roles may need to switch. You get an assignment that demands less time and attention while your spouse is working long hours. This means you will need to start sending emails, voice messages, and care packages more often.

#4. Ask For Support, Even If You Don’t Feel Like You Need It

We all get lonely sometimes. We all get scared. As a military service member, you sacrifice your life in service of others. You will experience some intense emotions and thoughts at some point in time. Whether these be about your spouse or about your deployment, it’s best to ask for support or help. Suppressing these thoughts and emotions will only increase the weight you’re carrying for your country. Support can involve a counselor, fellow service members, family, friends, and many more.

Sapphire: Supporting Dual Military Couples On Deployment

At Sapphire, we support our military members by helping them stay connected. Our Sapphire MiFi device is an international hotspot puck that allows a connection to the internet, which helps connect spouses, family, and friends via voice or video chat. If you want to stay more connected to your military spouse while the two of you are deployed, get the Sapphire device now.