Here Are 13 Safety Tips For Traveling Business

You’re a woman traveling for business. You’re out to conquer the world. Indeed, you are the epitome of a female road warrior. But the world has some opinions and expectations of you. What’s empowering, however, is that nearly 47 percent of traveling business people are women. Although these numbers are tilted in the direction of men, women are joining the ranks of traveling for business. With the collection of traveling business people balancing out each year between men and women, Forbes shows that, “nearly 70% agree that female business travelers today face higher travel safety risks.” This means that as women continue to travel more for business they also need to become aware of the inherent dangers of the world to keep themselves safe.

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13 Safety Tips For The Traveling Business Woman

As a female road warrior, you are out to make connections, seal deals, and return home with a sense of pride and accomplishment. In that process, you also need to consider the real factors of your safety while you travel for business domestically and internationally. Here are 13 safety tips to consider before you go on your next trip:

#1. Travel Light

When you start to pack for your next trip, consider traveling light. Not only will your body thank you for the decrease in weight, but your mind will feel a little more at ease. You may need a larger bag to fit your outfits, shoes, makeup, and other products, but you also weigh yourself down as you move from one place to another. A lightly packed personal bag, your purse, and a small suitcase is the ideal set up if you plan on an extended stay while on your trip.

#2. Dress On The Conservative Side

In no way are we saying to staunch your personality; however, consider the country you’re traveling to. It may have a different perspective on women in general, and your goal is to make a positive first impression or close a deal. Express yourself, but do it in a strategic way.

#3. Avoid Using A Backpack

No matter where you travel, a backpack is an easy item to snag on your surrounding environment or be a target for theft. Instead, consider a satchel, over-the-shoulder bag or purse. One, it will be more secure around your body, and two, it’s harder to steal.

#4. Include Personal Safety Items

As you travel, keep a personal safety item within easy reach. This can be pepper spray, an auditory alarm, or other device that will help protect yourself or alarm others of an unfortunate situation, if it arises.

#5. Pack Backup Currency

This can be an extra debit card, cash, or currency of some kind. Keep it hidden and separate from your primary stash of money. In the event that you are the target of theft, you will have this hidden currency to help you recover your lost items and/or continue your trip without having to return home immediately.

#6. Send Copies Of Your Itinerary To Loved Ones And Business Partners

It’s best to have at least three to five people know you’re traveling for business. Make sure these people are those you can trust. In fact, send your itinerary to the business partner(s) you will be meeting with on your trip to make sure they’re aware of your arrival. This is to enhance awareness and improve safety.

#7. Reserve All Transport Prior To Trip

When you get off the plane and go searching for a cab or use a rideshare app, you put yourself at risk. Do your research and reserve your transportation for your trip to and from the airport, as well as to and from your business obligations.

#8. Reserve A Room With Interior Building Access

A great way to stay safe is to reserve a hotel that utilizes key/access cards to gain entry to interior hallways and amenities. This also protects you more from potential threats. Choose a room that’s on the second floor or higher and offers interior access to your room door.

#9. Use Room Service

Depending on where you travel in the world, room service is a great way to stay safe if you do not believe it’s safe to go out to eat, drink, or to social events. Furthermore, room service in a variety of hotels is better than most surrounding restaurants.

#10. Avoid Giving Out Your Suite Number

Hotels organize their rooms and suites with numbers or letters. Avoid giving your room or suite number out to those you aren’t sure you can trust. In fact, don’t give it out at all while in public. If someone you trust wants your room number, give it to them in a discreet way so that anyone nearby cannot hear or see it.

#11. Confirm Visitors Before Opening Your Door

Generally, you want to confirm who is on the other side of your hotel door before opening it. This means asking who it is, peeking through the peep-hole, or leaving the lock-latch attached while you confirm who is actually requesting entry.

#12. Travel With A Friend Or Colleague

If you do want to go out for a drink or food, consider inviting a colleague. Two or more people in a group lessens the likelihood of being a target for theft or other crimes. What’s more, staying connected to those you work with and care about is always a good thing. Take advantage of this time away from the office.

#13. Keep Your Phone Charged

Finally, keep your phone charged while you travel. Use the GPS on your phone. Turn on location tracking. And avoid using a physical map so that you do not look like a lost tourist. Additionally, check in periodically with your friends, family, and/or colleagues to let them know you’re doing well.

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