A Business Woman’s Guide On How To Dress For International Meetings

In the last decade, more women have been traveling the globe for business. The number of women traveling business has increased to the point of nearly splitting the percentage at the 50 percent mark — 47 percent of business travelers are women. What’s more, countries around the globe expect to see men and women in international business meetings. Curiously enough, women are desired more than men due to the societal curiosity that is a woman in business. As hysterical as this may still seem, it’s the truth for many countries around the globe, and it’s a way for women to make a positive impact on the world of business.

With all this being said, some women may be curious as to how they should dress while traveling for business. It’s generally believed that you should dress more conservatively than you would if you were doing business in the United States. For example, a business-professional skirt that shows a woman’s legs from the knees down would be disrespectful in a country like Japan or Germany. In contrast, Brazil supports more lax attire expectations, allowing more skin to be shown in a business setting — even though they expect similar business attire standards to the rest of the world.

In this article, Sapphire will be sharing some general advice for women like you on how to dress for international business when you simply cannot find any information on what to wear. What’s more, you can use the Sapphire MiFi device to stay connected to the internet while you travel on business, which gives you the ability to make changes and decisions with your attire while on the move. Shop Sapphire devices online now. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

Start With Your Business Event And Goals

A conference, board-room meeting, or social networking event will all require a different set of attire, across nearly every country. It’s important to understand what type of event or meeting you will be attending first, and then reverse engineer what you need to wear. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure of the type of event you will be attending:

  • Where will you be traveling? (be as specific as possible: country, city, building, venue, etc)
  • What is the cultural expectations and/or standards at this location?
  • What is the climate like during the time of your event or meeting?
  • Who will you be meeting with, C-suite, middle-management, investors, etc?
  • What is your position or title in relation to those you will be speaking with?
  • What are your goals for your business trip? (social networking, to close a deal, etc)

As you answer these questions, you should be able to determine the event, the social expectations, what you should wear, and how you can achieve your goal with what you wear.

Dress Conservatively

If you’re in a position where you’re still not sure what to wear, dress conservatively. What does this mean? Conservatively dressed women tend to choose darker colors, wear plain or less-flashy jewelry, and keep their heels under 3 inches. For most, the general rule is to dress up, not dress down, when you’re not sure about the attire of an event.

What’s more, you can always dress down after you know what is expected in attire. For example, you may be traveling internationally for a meeting, you’ve done all the research you can using your Sapphire MiFi device, and you’ve determined that you’re not confident in what you should wear. You dress conservatively for the first meeting. Once at the meeting, you realize, you can actually get rid of the blazer, switch out your flats for heels, and wear more makeup. You can use this process wherever you go to determine what is expected and what you should avoid.

Choose Your Bag Or Purse Wisely

As an internationally traveling business woman, you want a lightweight, functional, fashionable bag or purse to serve your needs on your trips. How do you get it all without breaking the bank? You determine what you actually need, first. Do you need to carry a computer? How about some paper and pens? Will you need to carry other devices, your makeup, feminine products, or more? The space you need in your bag should fit your traveling needs perfectly so that you don’t end up lugging around two bags that hold you back.

Choose A Piece Of Attire That Will Make An Impression

Conservatively dressing doesn’t mean you need to suffocate your personality. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to be more definitive with your person. A darker colored, plain outfit enables you to wear the red blouse or polka-dot shoes and make a statement. In some countries, it may mean you accessorize to show personality instead of adjusting your outfit. It all depends on the country, expectations, and your willingness to stand out.

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