7 Ways Dual Military Couples Can Serve And Stay

You and your spouse believe in freedom, honor, and service. The two of you are dedicated to serving your country. You work long hours, go on tour, and spend long amounts of time away from one another for the greater good of the country. Your commitment to service can put strain on your relationship, whether your spouse is a military member or not. In this article, however, Sapphire will be sharing how you and your military spouse can serve and stay connected. It takes work, dedication, and a choice. You choose your country and your spouse, not one or the other. Granted, you must prioritize, but you do have a choice. Just as you’ve chosen to serve your country, you can choose to stay connected and love your spouse.

With all that being said, one great way to stay connected is with the Sapphire MiFi device. It’s an international hotspot puck that connects to the internet in over 100 countries so that no matter where you are in the world on deployment, you can message, call, or video chat your spouse.

How Military Couples Can Serve And Stay Connected

#1. Prioritize Communication Above All Else

As you know, spending time with one another is one of the ultimate ways to stay connected. However, as a dual military relationship, spending time in person will be a challenge. Both of you, in most cases, will be deployed to different parts of the world. You must prioritize communication with one another, whether that’s an email message, chat message, voicemail, or video chat every day.

#2. Check In As Often As Possible

If you have a few minutes between shifts or before a mission, check in with your spouse. As mentioned above, a single email message can fuel your spouse for the next week or two until you can communicate with them again. Granted, you may be tired, exhausted, or focused on your mission, but you must prioritize sending something to stay connected. An easy way to do this? The Sapphire MiFi device. It’s an international internet hotspot puck that allows you to connect in over 100 countries. Use it to send that message or email.

#3. Make Decisions Together

You and your spouse, as a dual military couple, will need to make decisions together, whether that be a career advancement choice or how to tell the children you’re both going on another tour. It all comes down to including one another in the decisions. Granted, the two of you may not agree with the decision that’s being made, but the communicative inclusion is what ties you and your spouse together even tighter.

#4. Celebrate Life When You Can

As military service members, you may experience some life or death moments. These moments will bring intense emotion and challenge beliefs about the world. One of the best ways to ease the burden is to ask for help. Another way is to celebrate life with your spouse, your family, and your friends. It’s not often that we actually celebrate life, and it’s a great way to ground you, your emotions, and your thoughts, as well as staying connected to your spouse.

#5. Connect With Friends And Family

Your spouse may be on a mission, unreachable, or on a different schedule than you. This means that your ability to connect with them is limited. One way you can still stay connected to them is to connect with family and friends. You can even employ your loved ones to help put together a care package to send to your spouse to show that you’re there for them, even though the two of you aren’t talking as much as you would like.

#6. Discuss Topics Other Than Work

Talk about the kids, your favorite movies, a new card trick you learned from a fellow service member. Discuss topics outside of work. A great way to foster this type of conversation is to read books or watch movies as if you two were in a club together. Spend a month reading a book or watching a series of movies. Every time you talk, you will have something to discuss outside or your deployment and work.

#7. One Of You Will Need To Sacrifice More

It’s inevitable that one of you in your relationship will need to sacrifice more than the other. Granted, the goal is to stay connected and communicate as often as possible, but the hard truth is that sacrifice is going to be a part of your relationship. Just as you’ve sacrificed your life to serve others, you or your spouse will need to sacrifice your time and energy for the other. It may seem unfair now, but in the long run, it will keep you two connected.

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