Where Can You Buy International Internet

These days, making worldwide connections is easier than ever before thanks to international internet.

When it comes to business travel, obviously your company is responsible for phone and internet coverage for the office, but not typically for your employees’ homes. What is your company’s policy?  It is draconian not to allow employees to communicate back home to their family. 


International Internet for Business Travel

When your employees go abroad for work, odds are good that they’ll need access to the internet to perform whatever duties necessitate the trip. While there may be a WiFi connection available at some points during the trip, you can’t expect reliable internet connection options the whole time. And, even if there is available internet provided by your associates overseas, you may not want to trust the security of that connection. There’s no way to know what their security measures are without asking, and internet security regulations for free WiFi vary by country. Essentially, if you want to know what sort of secure connection your employees will have — especially for transmitting sensitive data — you’ll need to provide that connection. 


Skip the International Phone Plan

More often than not, business owners assume that they can simply set up an international phone and data plan for the employee to use when abroad. The problems with this are two-fold: it’s expensive, and often the data provision is minimal. The cost to arrange for an international phone plan at the business level is much the same as it is at the personal level: expensive. The other downside is that these plans typically require you to pay by megabytes of data used, and there’s really no way for your employees to squeak by with a few hundred megabytes of data for a business trip. 


A Better Alternative

Sapphire international business hotspot devices offer a better alternative to expensive phone and data plans. Our smartphone-sized device offers business-portable WiFi that’s as easy as pressing a few buttons. Power it on, choose the appropriate country, select a data option, and get a secure WiFi connection. The biggest benefit of Sapphire international business hotspot devices is that you can use it in as many countries as you need with no hassle — no changing SIM cards needed, just select a new country. Learn more online and see how Sapphire can make your international business connections easier. Shop online today!